About Us


The Ohio Clinical Trials Collaborative (OCTC) offers economies of scale and unique capacity, leveraging expertise to conduct clinical trials across the state. Establishing a robust clinical trials structure will facilitate access to and accelerate performance of trials available through commercial clinical research organizations, the pharmaceutical industry, and government agencies. The OCTC achieves a rapid startup by focusing on areas of strength and capitalizing on pre-existing structures.


THE OCTC VISION seeks to establish Ohio as a national and global leader in attracting and successfully conducting clinical trials that will contribute to the short- and long-term health and healthcare of its residents and help drive its economic growth.


THE OCTC MISSION is to establish Ohio as one of the most efficient and effective states in which to develop new medications and treatment strategies by simplifying and accelerating the delivery of innovative therapies and products to patients.


THE OCTC FUNCTIONS as a central agency, providing business development services to link health systems for diseases, increasing efficiency through reliant IRB, centralized budgets and constraints, and integrating clinical coordination efforts across Ohio. The OCTC markets and promotes the statewide clinical trials network to increase clinical trials conducted in Ohio.

We provide:

  • Cost-effective, quality-driven solutions to drug innovators, biotechs, device makers, and CROs
  • Promotion of Ohio as a national and global leader to attract and successfully conduct clinical trials to contribute to the health and healthcare of its residents and vitalize its economy
  • Cost-efficient, successful navigation of the clinical trial continuum
  • Education and supervision needed to assist the statewide network and its clinical trial sites to ensure quality and increase success rates for biopharma companies and CROs

OCTC Services
  • Enable rapid site selection from an established research network
  • Centralized site study budgets and contracts
  • Coordinate IRB review process
  • Promote and monitor patient recruitment
  • Tracking of performance metrics, overall study milestones and enrollment
  • GCP training of Investigators and key personnel
  • Continuous education, quality improvement and development of best practices

Working groups and Expertise
  • Reliant IRB Review
  • Neuro-Oncology Working Group
  • Pediatrics Working Group
  • Practice Based Research Network Working Group
  • Infectious Diseases Working Group
  • Neurosciences Working Group
  • Study Implementation and Conduct
  • Women’s Health and Clinical Research Units

OCTC addresses the problems burdening biopharma companies:
  • Length of time to start and complete trials
  • Navigating regulatory and ethical requirements of studies involving human subjects
  • Recruiting and retaining the appropriate patient population
  • Contracting across multiple sites
  • Rising financial costs and long development time frames

The OCTC provides industry solutions:
  • Centralized access to Ohio’s premier medical centers and hospitals
  • Coordinated efforts that offer lower-cost solutions
  • Shorter timelines to conduct and fully enroll clinical studies
  • Access to desired populations