Biomarker/Biosensor R&D

At the Ohio Clinical Trials Collaborative, we understand the challenges that biomedical researchers and engineers face. We can help you find a solution. Here’s how


Tissues and Biofluids
We offer well-annotated human tissue samples upon request
• Samples collected in compliance with federal, state and institutional policies
• Samples from over 70 different tissues and organs
• Ten classifications (primary and metastatic cancers, each with normal adjacent tissue when available, low-grade malignant, benign, diseased, borderline, indeterminate, and normal)


Biomarker Research
We work with a compendium of world-class researchers
• Case Western Reserve University
• The Ohio State University
• University of Cincinnati
• University of Akron
• Wright State University
• University of Toledo


Biomarker and Biosensor Validation
We have unrivaled site access
• IRB, IDE, and 510(k) support
• 13 research medical centers and hospitals

Supporting Collaborations
We have strategic industry partnerships with leading
service companies
• PacificGMP - Recombinant protein and monoclonal antibody production
• ClinicalRM - Clinical trial management, regulatory, and data analysis


We Offer

• Centralized access to Ohio’s premier medical centers, research universities, and hospitals
• Coordinated efforts that offer lower-cost solutions
• Strategic industry partnerships
• Complete development from biomarker identification through market approval of new biomarkers and biosensors


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