Clinical Research Unit

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The William T. Dahms, MD Clinical Research Unit provides research-dedicated facilities, in both urban and community settings, with research-trained staff and support services for inpatient and outpatient, adult and pediatric, Phase I-IV clinical studies.

Staffing and Services- Nursing

To ensure protocol compliance, we offer:

  • Development of standard order sets and protocol-specific flow sheets
  • Leading protocol initiation conference to confirm all stakeholders in agreement on protocol implementations
  • Administering and monitoring responses to investigational study agents and interventions; collects research data
  • Performing venipuncture, body fluid specimen collection and processing
  • Performing physiological measurements and vascular hemodynamic studies
  • Conducting pharmacokinetic studies
  • Conducting glomerular filtration tests
  • Conducting Polysomnogram studies
  • Assisting with bedside procedures including biopsies, endoscopies, bronchoscopies
  • All-RN nursing staff bring extensive clinical research experience; certifications in pediatric and adult advanced cardiac life support and Oncology Nursing Society/Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation Chemotherapy/Biotherapy.


  • Consultative services for nutrition-related research projects and publications
  • Expertise in body composition, including BodPod, PeaPod, bio-electric impedance, dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA), and anthropometric assessment
  • Bionutrition Manager is:
  • Master anthropometric trainer for NIH studies
  • Nationally recognized for neonatal body composition assessment
  • Cooper Institute-trained in coaching healthy behaviors
  • On-site metabolic research kitchen
  • Dietary recall center, nationally recognized for research participant compliance
  • State-of-the-art, gold standard research software used for diet collection/analysis (Nutrition Data System for Research (NDSR))
  • Strict quality assurance standards for dietary intake compliance and data collection

Research Coordinator Core

Study coordinator staffing to meet your project management needs including:

  • Project start-up, hiring, and staff oversight
  • Nurses or non-Nurses available, depending on protocol study coordination needs
  • Staffing support may be requested by % effort over a period of time
  • QA process to ensure consistent protocol implementation/conduct

CLIA- Certified Sample Processing and Analytic Lab

  • Consultative services to refine lab protocol methodology and logistics
  • Simple or complex sample processing & IATA-certified national and international shipping
  • Analytical assays for hormones, cytokines, etc. using enzyme immunoassay, nanodrop, and multiplex techniques