Why Focus on Neuroscience in Ohio?

  • The impact of neurological disorders is far-reaching, encompassing over1,000 disorders of the brain and nervous system, and affecting over one billion individuals worldwide.
  • The neurological conditions are chronic, require long term care and most of them have no effective treatment.
  • Ohio is a national leader in neuroscience research in the basic and clinical research realm, the State already features an existing concentration ofneuroscience innovators who rank among global experts, as well as an emerging scientific, clinical, and supply chain infrastructure.

Trials underway:

  • Expertise in Neuromodulation, and sensor technology (1st in the US trials for the treatment of TBI, Alzheimers, Autism)
  • Brain-machine interface
  • Multi-Centerbrain atlas project
  • Largest Neuromuscular clinical and research program in the country
  • Innovative treatments for stroke rehabilitation, investigating transcranial magnetic stimulation, cutting edge devices for the treatment of brain aneurysm and ischemic stroke, and use of wireless sensors to measure movement in rehab intervention studies
  • Spinal cord injury labs that use engineering technologies, stem cell, and immunotherapy treatments
  • Largest Multiple Sclerosiscenter in the country, one of3 centers in the US selected to participate in the HALT-MSclinical trial
  • Huntington Dzprospective registry
  • Biorepository and clinical outcome databases

The Team

The OSU Comprehensive Neuroscience Program is among the largest integrated neuroscience clinical, research, and educational facilities in the U.S. Over 170 faculty members in the Departments of Neurology, Neurosurgery, Physical Medicine/ Rehabilitation, Psychiatry/Behavioral Health, and Basic Neuroscience are ranked among the top specialists nationally.

 The Program is also one of only five institutions in the country to be selected by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to participate in both the Neurological Emergencies Treatment Trials Network and Neuro NEXT: Network for Excellence in Neuroscience Clinical Trials.


Each multidisciplinary center has a team of clinicians from neurologists, neurosurgeons, physiatrists, psychologists, psychiatrists, neuroradiologists, basic scientists, dedicated research staff, social workers…etc.

The center deploys an array of imaging technologies, including an ultra-high fieldMRI system and a powerful PETsystem to help physicians better understand disease processesand treatment