Collaborative Ohio Inquiry Network (COIN)


Practice-based research networks (PBRNs) are organizations of community-based healthcare practices that engage in clinical and translational research. The Collaborative Ohio Inquiry Network(COIN) is a PBRN learning community that conducts high-impact practice-based research, translates research into practice, and develops the  capacity of Ohio’s PBRNs.

Within the Ohio Clinical Trials Collaborative, COIN’s mission is to:

DO practice-based research by stimulating and fostering research collaborations

  • Access diverse community-based patient populations across the life span for enrollment in clinical research studies
  • Support academic investigators in testing new therapeutic tools at the front lines of clinical practice
  • Train and support community clinicians’ for participation in clinical research studies

DISSEMINATE research findings by effectively sharing knowledge and translating research into practice

  • Conduct translational research at the interfaces of research, development and quality improvement
  • Develop partnerships with other centers of transdisciplinary research
  • Train the next generation of practicing clinicians and PBRN investigators

DEVELOP the capacity of PBRNs

  • Develop and sustain PBRNs that engage in clinical and translational research
  • Grow new PBRNs to meet emerging opportunities, and renewing existing PBRNs
  • Support communication among network members, community groups, and investigators
  • Develop new PBRN methods to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing environment
  • Provide research consultations that link investigators fromcommunity and academic settings

COIN’s member Practice-Based Research Networks are affiliated with 4 academic health centers, 3 of which are connected to Clinical andTranslational ScienceAwards (CTSA) that support the development of clinical trials within their PBRNs.

COIN works within 9 Practice-Based Research Networks across 4 geographical sites: 5 primary care PBRNs affiliated with Case Western Reserve University, 2 affiliated with the University of Cincinnati, 2 affiliated with The Ohio State University, and 1 affiliated with the Northeast Ohio Medical University(NEOMED).

The Collaborative Ohio Inquiry Network model is participatory, and COIN PBRN staff support investigators in developing partnerships with networks and facilitating the conduct of current and future research.

Interested in Accessing the COIN for Your Trials?

COIN can expand the potential of your trials by:

  • Access to practice-based patient populations
  • Training Ohio clinicians and practices for participation in clinical trials
  • Linking investigators to the full array of CTSA cores and services across the state of Ohio
  • Building state-wide linkages between academic and community partners
  • Leading andc oordinating scientific Interest Groups of investigators